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In keeping with 2014 being a "Horse" year in Chinese Astrology, we're off to a galloping start with the auspicious opening of the new Nambour Treetops

Clinic. Set among the gorgeous treetops of Coes Creek, this new location provides a beautifully appointed and well resourced therapeutic environment.


Our Counsellor and Psychologist - Rosemary Colston - is also the co-founder and co-facilitator of the "Step into Womanhood: Coming of Age Retreat for

Mothers and Daughters", an annual retreat offering the opportunity for mothers and daughters (starting puberty) to bond, explore, learn and have fun.

This year's retreat - scheduled for 6-11 July - to be held in Ubud (Bali) will involve activity including: white water rafting; art; yoga; and dance. For more

information, see the retreat's website at


Two further therapeutic innovations will be delivered this year: Grief Support Group Therapy; and Happy Club.


Grief Support Group Therapy


People who are experiencing grief may feel very lonely and misunderstood within their community and broader culture which makes the already

difficult process of recovery from the death of a loved one that much more challenging.


Innovated Life's Grief Support Group Therapy will be conducted by our qualified therapist, Rosemary Colston, in accord with best practice techniques

to assist grieving individuals to move through the various stages of grief. Such techniques will include sharing, activities, music and meditations conducted

within a spiritually inclusive atmosphere which fosters peace, awareness, acceptance and grace.


Participants who attend with a relevant Mental Health Care Plan referral from a General Practitioner will be bulk-billed for this Therapy.


Individual counselling is also available to participants if required.


Happy Club


Based upon the latest research in Happiness, Happy Club is a weekly group play time for adults designed to encourage spontaneity, openness, connectivity

and fun. Sessions involve: Improvisational theatre games; Singing; Sharing; Movement; and Relaxing. This therapeutic approach is particularly focussed on

clients with anxiety and depression.


Participants who attend with a relevant Mental Health Care Plan referral from a General Practitioner will be bulk-billed.


Innovated Life: Counselling, Psychology and HypnoBirthing®


We offer Counselling, Psychology and HypnoBirthing® on the Sunshine Coast at two convenient locations in Nambour and Caloundra with Rosemary Colston.


Rosemary Colston, is a fully registered Psychologist, an experienced Counsellor and a Hypnotherapist. She is also

qualified to provide Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counselling and is an accredited HypnoBirthing® practitioner.


Rosemary is registered with Medicare and all major Private Health Funds.


She welcomes all potential clients with a sincere desire to improve their mental well-being to make contact to discuss their

needs, in addition to similar contact from referring providers - including General Practitioners - and may be reached by

telephone on 0466 977 682.


Rosemary Colston

HBCE, Hyp. Cert., Assoc. MAPS, B Beh. Sc. (Griffith), B Psych. (Hons) (Griffith)


When you work with Rosemary, she will assist you to rediscover your inner wisdom and personal truth so that you can better control your thoughts, feelings and

behaviours, and in doing so, live your life by the intentions of your designs.

Counselling and Psychology


To ensure our services are accessible, Rosemary’s fees are tailored to suite her clients' income with special concessions for

low income earners and bulk-billing for pensioners.


General Practitioners can refer clients to Rosemary via the Medicare Better Access for Mental Health initiative, inclusive of

‘Mental Health Treatment Plan’, ‘Chronic Disease Management Plan’ and ‘Non-Directive Pregnancy Support’ services.


She also accepts self-referrals at reasonable rates.


Clients and Treatments


Her clients include adults, couples, teenagers and pregnant mothers and she provides treatment for a variety of conditions,

including: Depression; Anxiety; Anger; Grief and Trauma; Stress; Relationship Difficulties; Communication Problems;

Adjustment Difficulties; Poor Self-Esteem; and Low Motivation.


Rosemary has a special interest in women's health, lifespan development, happiness and interpersonal relationships.


Therapy Techniques


Rosemary utilises a range of techniques in her therapeutic practice including a combination of Psycho-Education,

Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Relaxation Strategies, Skills Training, and Interpersonal

Therapy integrating Narrative Therapy for Focussed Psychological Strategies. She also delivers Non-Directive

Pregnancy Support Counselling and is skilled at Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Therapy.




Pregnancy Support Counselling


Non-Directive Counselling is a form of Counselling that is based on the understanding that, in many situations, people can

resolve their own problems without being provided with a solution by the Counsellor. Within this modality, Rosemary’s role

is to encourage the clients to express their feelings but not suggest what decision the person should make. By listening and

reflecting back what the client reveals to her, Rosemary helps them to explore and understand their feelings. With this

understanding, a client is able to make the decision that is best for them.


Medicare benefits are available for up to three eligible Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counselling services per client, per pregnancy. Partners of eligible clients may attend each or any counselling session, however, only one fee applies to each service.




HypnoBirthing®: The Mongan Method is an internationally recognised and award winning program that has spread through

word of mouth into 32 countries around the world.


Rosemary uses this unique Child Birth Education Program to teach mothers the fundamentals of utilising the best that nature

and science has to offer through the use of deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, and education, to bring babies into the world in a

calm, peaceful and joyful manner.


HypnoBirthing® returns to mothers the art of birthing in a way that allows them to summon their natural birthing instincts

and to birth babies in safety and with ease.


Rosemary conducts HypnoBirthing® classes in regular group or  private sessions. The course content includes:


•  Building positive expectancy;

•  Falling in love with your baby and preparing mind and body;

•  Getting ready to welcome your baby;

•  An overview of Birthing – A Labour of Love; and

•  Birth – Breathing Love, Breathing Life.




Our current pamphlets describing our services


Art Gallery


We have brought together a display of inspirational artwork from some of the greatest artists of the Late Medieval period and

those of the Golden Age of Illustration


This collection shows images of Angels, Fairies and Mythical Tales to inspire the Soul and delight children of all ages.


Artists represented include: Albrecht Dürer; Gustave Doré; Arthur Rackham; Kay Nielsen; Edmund Dulac; Harry Clarke;

Jessie M King; Willy Pogány; Sulamith Wülfing; Warwick Goble; Dugald Walker; Reginald and Horace Knowles; Frank C Papé;

Evelyn de Morgan; Ida Rentoul Outhwaite; Evelyn Paul; Edward Burne-Jones; William Russell Flint; Heinrich Lefler and

Joseph Urban; Sidney Meteyard; Evelyn Paul; Daphne Allen; Florence Anderson;  Vernon Hill; and Gustave Moreau.

Kay Nielsen - 'St George and the Dragon' from ''Red Magic'' (1930)  

On the right, we show "St George and the Dragon"

by Kay Nielsen from Red Magic (1930).



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